Bhumi | A visit during Joy to the World
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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A visit during Joy to the World

A visit during Joy to the World

Hi my name is Saritha Boska and I work for PreludeSys India Limited, Chennai. I am a Senior Software Engineer by Profession. I would like to share my recent experience at an orphanage in Chennai, where I went and distributed gifts to the kids.

A few days back, through BHUMI, I was very fortunate to be a part of the group from our office that had the opportunity to visit the orphanage. This was my first visit to an orphanage and I had a remarkable experience. A week has passed, and I can still feel the bliss within.

The “Joy to the World” fever caught up with everyone in our office as well, thanks to Bhumi. Everyone in our office got a wish card each (which was from the kinds of the orphanage). We had to buy the gifts, tag them to the wish card and give it back to one of Bhumi’s volunteer, Lokesh. The PAC team in our office took this initiative and distributed the wish cards to all employees. After a few discussions amongst my team (Design and SharePoint Team), we decided we would buy all our gifts together, and hand them back to the PAC team.


I love shopping and this made my work very easy. Along with one of my teammates, Raj Kumar, I went about shopping after Office Hours to try and get the gifts for kids. After visiting three different places, we could finally meet the wishes of all kids. It was a tough job, for 2 reasons. One, I had never shopped for toys before in my life. Secondly, we wanted to ensure that the kids were within the budget we had decided as a team. We had decided that an equal amount will be spent for each kid. In the end, we did manage to get the best gifts possible, in spite of the aforementioned conditions. So, we stuck the wish cards on each gift, and handed it to the PAC team.

Though I was immensely happy that I had contributed towards spreading some smiles for the kids, there was something that was still eating my brain. I wasn’t really sure on how the gifts would reach the kids. As I was doing something like this for the first time, I was apprehensive. On enquiring, one of Bhumi’s members informed me that he along with couple of his colleagues will be going to the orphanage to deliver kids. He even said that I could join them, If interested. I wasn’t going to let go of this opportunity for sure. So, along with couple of my colleagues, Abinaya and Lokesh, I decided to be a part of this endeavour.

So, it was 18th January. D-day. I joined one of the volunteers who had come by cab, along with all the gifts. As we reached the orphanage, the kids looked very excited and surrounded the car. They were eager to know what was in store for them. After a few minutes at the Orphanage’s office, we were ushered to the main hall, along with the kids.

While inside the hall, Abinaya started engaging the kids and asked them a few questions. The kids were super enthusiastic and replied back with joy. After a short prayer, we started with the gift distribution. Abinaya was reading out the kids names, one by one; I was distributing the gifts, while Lokesh was busy clicking away pictures. The kids looked genuinely happy and excited. Their joy was infectious as I couldn’t hold back my smiles while I was giving them the gifts. Once all the gifts were distributed, the kids started unwrapping the gifts and their smiles were now beams. They looked exhilarated as they got to play with their new toys.

My joy knew no bounds when I saw them playing. The kids thanked us for the gifts, asked us for help with the remote controlled toys, and had all different kinds of requests. I had made the right decision in visiting the orphanage and distributing the gifts on my own. It was an incredibly amazing experience for me, and it really was “Joy to the World” for the kids.


  • sarath
    Posted at 17:01h, 15 July Reply

    sir ,
    I have registered as a volunteer in bhumi so i got a mail regarding an orientation which is going to be held on 20th july 2014 @ t.nagar but all the links provided by you are not working .,is there any means to confirm my presence

    • Prahalathan
      Posted at 05:14h, 24 August Reply

      I hoped used the Contact Us tab to contact someone about this

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