Bhumi | Aiming for the best – A day at Lakshya
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Aiming for the best – A day at Lakshya

Aiming for the best – A day at Lakshya

Our DnE session last week focused on goal setting. We came up with an innovative game for the children to play and learn from. The objective of the game was to throw the ball into the three buckets provided within ten tries. The first bucket was kept near them, the next one was a little farther and so on. The scores were given in such a way that the points increased as the distance to the bucket increased. They had to use their chances wisely and choose the buckets in such a way that one’s score was maximised. The children were asked to note down the points they scored in a sheet of paper themselves.

Visibly excited about the game, they clapped and cheered for each other.

We had a second round of the game where the children were given 30 seconds to complete their chances and score as much as they could. They were energetic and tried their best to come up with a really good score.

While the first game taught them the importance of planning and coming up with a good strategy to tackle situations, the second part of the game taught them to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

The session wrapped up with an informal chat with the volunteers, during which one of our volunteers Ashish came up with a really good magic trick which the children watched with immense curiosity and interest. They were more than happy to later learn that trick!

The day came to an end and it was time to bid goodbye. We were already looking forward to meeting them again next week.

–          Uma Shunmuganathan

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