Bhumi | An incident that touched my heart!!
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An incident that touched my heart!!

An incident that touched my heart!!

It was my first day of class in Indian Council for Child Welfare teaching 2nd ,3rd and 4th standard kids. It was a lot different teaching the kids in ICCW when compared to the girls at GGH. The boys were so energetic and interested to learn English despite the fact that they are busy throughout the day occupied with some work.

First day of class after getting introduced , we (Ashika and me) had a short talk with the boys. We asked them “Y did they want to learn English”?? There were 2 to 3 kids who said “Akka ,en amma, appa romba kashta padraanga.. athunaale naan US le work paani niraya sambaathikanum.. athuku than naan English kathuka aasai padrein.” [Translated: Akka, my mom is suffering. So I wish to go to the US, work and earn a lot!] The minute they said this i was moved n touched emotionally. Words from an 8 and 9 year old kid who is so ambitious and has the determination to achieve something in life. What did we dream off at his age??????

Lets all work together in fulfilling their dreams .. Lets MAKE A DIFFERENCE…!!

Vaishnavi Rachan


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