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Awesome break from the monotonous life……

Awesome break from the monotonous life……

When actor “Surya” said in an interview that he lived the character “Sanjay Ramaswamy” till they finished shooting the movie, I didn’t believe it.

The events that happened in the last week in my life made me believe his words. Yeah…there were so many things happened and had a great impact. I was completely into it and forgot about my surroundings. Failed to notice many things around me. Due to personal work, had to skip my Saturday class at AK.So, I shall say I was not completely myself till yday evening.

After a heavy lunch and a very good tea, went to BM to meet new sat Vols.Luckily, two of the old vols couldn’t make up yday and so I had to handle one group.First, I was little wary of handling this group as I’m not very familiar with the students. Believe it or not, within 10 minutes, those kids made me feel I’m part of their group.

I just started the class asking them to sing the song “Daddy finger, Daddy finger, where are you” they learnt in Friday class .Later, asked them to sing the song replacing the members of the family with their friends name in the class. Never expected them to include my name and Siva’s(new BM Vol) at the end. When they finished the song, I was completely into the teaching mode.

Later, while doing the activities, whenever they had doubts they called me and Siva as teacher/Sir. I told them they can address both of us as Akka and Anna. Slowly, they also got into the learning mode and never stopped teasing me saying teacher (intentionally!!!).

Overall it was a very good class and I had a very well deserved break from my monotonous life

On my way back home, I was so happy and felt like riding my scooty with hands free. What to do!!!I Didn’t have INR or anyone with me to admit in the hospital ,if sth happens. So, didn’t try it 🙁

Looking forward to many such classes in BM 🙂

Word of Caution: @Vaish-If I continue to have many such moments in MAD class, I may argue with you to let me teach when I turn 30:-P

Aruna Muthusamy

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