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Back to what we love doing!

Back to what we love doing!

From the very beginning, I have been interested in Bhumi’s efforts to educate society. Bhumi’s contribution is both remarkable and humbling. After my orientation, I waited eagerly to see when classes would begin and how it would all shape up.

It was then that I received an email saying that there was going to be an icebreaker session with the volunteers and kids at the Ananth Sishu Sevashram in Wilson Garden, the centre where I was to volunteer. The news filled me with delight!

On D-Day, I reached the venue at 2 o’clock and was happy to see familiar faces from the orientation. Then it all happened, all the kids gathered in front of us; there were around 55 cheerful faces looking up at us! Their eyes reflected their eagerness, as they waited to know what was going to happen. They weren’t nervous or scared, as I had thought they would be, instead, they were vibrant and vivacious. It was us volunteers who were a little apprehensive about the interaction with them, as this was our first big step. But our apprehensions soon disappeared and we had some of the best times when we interacted with them.

We played with them, asked them to introduce themselves and act out their hobbies while the rest of us would attempt to guess, and then shout out the answers. How often do we come out of our comfort zones and play again like ten-year olds? I have no words to describe how well the interaction went. We explained to them what Bhumi does and why we were there. We promised them that the Little Einsteins and Kanini volunteers will do our level bests to share the knowledge we have with them.       

Being with the kids and interacting with them has so much of an effect on you. Emotion is at its peak. It’s not something we experience every day. It’s a great feeling, and this, I say from my personal experience. Knowing that you can share your knowledge with someone is wonderful. Bhumi is where you get to relive your childhood. Bhumi is where you make people smile. You encourage kids and teach them the fun way. I won’t deny that I too felt like I was one among the kids, and forgot all my worries.

It’s incredible what a bunch of youth can do together. You can plan and manoeuvre to change the country and bring out its best. Youth volunteering always has better networking, and in Bhumi you meet people who become your friends, people you respect and those who respect you. Here, you will be known for the work you do. There is no place for ego clashes. The ideas are never-ending. You grow as an individual while you help the people around you to grow. This is what we do at Bhumi, and I am proud to be a part of it.

I am looking forward to what’s going to happen next. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun and I will learn a lot. The classes will soon be on in full swing and my enthusiasm will not die down, Promise.

– Smita Ganesh
Little Einsteins, Bangalore


  • Priya Ranjan Dutta
    Posted at 11:59h, 28 June Reply

    Reading the blog, I was in a Deja Vu ! While interacting with the kids in Jayanagar center, I felt the eagerness to learn in their eyes. Little did I know the local language! I thought it could be an impediment and there came the reality- the ‘language barrier’ had close to no effect. They were quite receptive and tried their best to answer. It’s good that we continue our efforts in inculcating ‘the best’ in them in every way.

  • K.P.
    Posted at 16:30h, 15 July Reply

    Views expressed are beautiful and encouraging . I will like to associate. But you are a youth organisation. Do you accept senior citizens in your team ?
    Very many best wishes.

    • Prahalathan
      Posted at 06:54h, 16 July Reply

      Mr.K.P.Singh, not yet but we’ll have something going for everyone soon 🙂

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