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Bhumi Torchbearers Speak!

Bhumi Torchbearers Speak!

Bhumi conferred the Torchbearer of the Year Award 2009 to five Bhumians for their commendable contribution towards Changing today… Changing tomorrow! (Link)

Here’s what they feel about the award…

Akhila Hari

Akhila is an example of how an ideal “teaching” volunteer in Bhumi, specifically MAD, should be! Bhumi is very proud of her consistent and dedicated contribution.


I cant just believe what has happened with me on the 15th of august 2009. This will remain as one of the most memorable days of my life in BHUMI.

This journey began way back in 2008, July when i was hunting for a community service which was supposed to be a part of my college curriculum. It was then when i traced out through my community radio in college about Bhumi. I cannot believe that this Bhumi will become an intimate part of my life. But now community service is something that comes as the last priority for me. Bhumi as such means more than anything else.

I am extremely thankful to Bhumi and its members who thought me as a deserving person to take this award. Life in Bhumi has been wonderful especially with the kids as well as the volunteers. I will always look back to this day and cherish its memories always.

I am not able to express my happiness and thankfulness for giving me the torchbearer award and making me feel so special amongst everyone.

I look forward to live up to the expectations and will give my best to Bhumi.
Once again thank you so much Bhumi for this. I have no words to show my gratitude towards Bhumi.

Uma Sekar

For her consistent contributions to MAD, Think Green and overall interest in Bhumi.

This award came as a huge surprise to me. I personally don’t think I deserve a Torchbearer award. There is a lot more to do for the society. We who have are the ones who can and must give to people who don’t and the best way is through education. Bhumi is an organization which identifies and helps people who want to do something to change the current way of things, actually do it!

Bhumi gives me the confidence that a group of people with the same vision can make a huge impact in the society and inspire more people to work towards change.

I’m so glad I joined Bhumi! I’ve wanted to do something like this since my childhood and I thought I could achieve that dream only when I was older! Thank you Bhumi for making it happen much earlier! 🙂” 

Vaishnavi Srinivasan – The Karate Kid

For her consistent and dedicated contributions to Career counselling, Kanini and overall interest in BHUMI.

Until December 2006, my final year of college I was living with the only ambition of Joining Army. It was my dream .. my goal and everything to me.. I saw that as the best way to do something for my country. But for various reasons I had to give it up and I felt drained, empty and useless. After that I tried to involve myself in various activities but Its only after I joined BHUMI that I again gained a focus and purpose.
I am immensely honored to be working with such committed minds and I always feel I am the one gaining more and more each day with Bhumi in terms of satisfaction, Knowledge, Refinement People skills and what not..
I had never got any award before.. This was my first and best.. Cant explain how it felt..
I thank BHUMI and each Bhumian for their extraordinary support and encouragement that I have always received.
My special thanks to INR, Vivek, Prakash, Vaish and Doc for the inspiration and encouragement.
Hats off to u Guys!!!
Its a honor and responsibility now for me to keep up to the expectation. I hope to do my best.”

Vijayanand S

For his consistent and dedicated contribution to Kanini, Joy to the World and overall interest in BHUMI

It is a great honor in receiving the Torch bearer Award from Bhumi. It was indeed a big surprise! I always felt that joining hands with Bhumi was very easy as its vision and mission are quite simple and practical. Teaching for the kids at TMV is always a pleasure. Its an year since we started Kanini here, though we continuously faced the inconsistency of students there are many who are regular, inspired and motivated. I remember the days where in the volunteers have continued the class till 4, after a lunch break. Those days are really a memorable one! At this time i would like to give my hearty thanks to our Project Head Ayyanar, co-volunteers of TMV and all enthusiast of Bhumi. I would also like to thank Kuppusamy and Kalaivani of Nest, for their cooperation and efforts.

Focusing on Changing Tomorrow…”

Vijayalakshmi Gnanasekar

For her enthusiasm and energy level in structuring and stablising the Kanini project.

To be honest, only because of the support given by my fellow Kanini friends I was able to do at least something to the kids. Bhumi people never treated me as a fresher when I initially joined Bhumi which boosted me to enthusiastically participate in all the Bhumi activities. J I am glad to hear that my contribution has reached the kids in a good way.

I am proud to tell everyone, that I am a bhumian :)… Thanks for recognizing and encouraging me to contribute even more.

Change today… Change tomorrow…

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