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Bhumi’s Changemakers 2010 – 2011

Bhumi’s Changemakers 2010 – 2011

Exceptional people continue to be exceptional day on day, month on month, year on year. These awardees from 2009-2010 have continued their exceptional work and walked several steps ahead this last year:

  • Sriram Sampath, for being an excellent Project Coordinator of Little Einsteins
  • Raakesh Thangaraj, for reviving the Kanini course design team and for Bring Smiles
  • Anirudhra Boganadam, for his 100% attendance record

While every Bhumian is an agent of change, here are Bhumi’s Changemakers of 2010-2011

Committed, very consistent and always dependable… Give him a problem and be assured that a solution will be found! As a centre coordinator, he managed to handle classes effectively despite inadequate infrastructure and high volunteer attrition. His timely gesture of offering his laptop to the centre for the entire academic year at a time of crisis was much appreciated by everyone in the Kanini team. He has been very enterprising in introducing worksheets and typewriting software to overcome the children’s learning difficulties. His focus and tireless efforts as the venue coordinator, his level headedness under pressure and his excellent coordination with different teams put him under the spotlight during Siragugal this year.

–          Premnath Nataraj for his overall performance in Kanini and Siragugal. He has donned a new role this year, that of a project coordinator in Kanini. Bhumi wishes him the best.

One of the best batch coordinators of the Make A Difference programme, she took a liking to the HR team in the beginning of 2011. On many occasions, she has taken the ownership to ideate, encourage her team to meet deadlines and share detailed feedback including lessons learnt post-execution. If not for her efforts and consistent follow up with project coordinators, the detailed and clear consolidation of data needed by the HR team wouldn’t have been possible.  She not only gave volunteer recruitment stalls at colleges a face-lift but also made sure she was present at most of these events.

–          Shilpa Garg for her consistent passion to make sure Bhumi’s volunteering requirements were met no matter what.

It took three years for Bhumi to get the best out of her. But it certainly has been worth the wait! Her journey with the Make A Difference programme has been quite gradual – a dedicated volunteer, a competitive batch coordinator, a reliable mentor – she has donned every critical role. But the best came quite recently when she was chosen the Art Events Coordinator of Siragugal 2011. She meticulously coordinated operations for both Siragugal and Reach Out events, and handled on-the-day challenges of excessive participation with finesse. Her involvement and contribution in the Liaison and the Smile Ticket teams can’t be put down in words – for she was always just a call away!

–          Chandni Shankar for her involvement and sustained interest in Bhumi’s activities. We are proud of her transformation, and we trust that she will take Bhumi to greater heights.

A cool and committed centre coordinator, she has also been a very dedicated teacher with the Make A Difference programme. Her contribution during Siragugal this year was remarkable. She was instrumental in Bhumi receiving huge support from the State Bank of India – an association that has grown bigger over the last three years because of her efforts and interest. Her involvement at the info desk was evident from her incredible work on both days. As a Smile Ticket Coordinator, she was a very enthusiastic representative at many stalls. Currently the HR coordinator of the Make A Difference programme, she has been consistent in her efforts to meet the volunteer requirements of the programme. Her enthusiasm to organise events for Bhumi – like the Bhumi Premier League, Bhumi Fun Day and more – has been increasing with every event.

–          Ramya Balu for the energy, perseverance and sincerity that she invests in every activity she undertakes.

A chirpy and bubbly girl with a lesser-known side that has amazed many… She gracefully tackled the many challenges that she had to face as a centre coordinator of the Make A Difference programme. Along with her team, she sought creative ways to keep the interests of children from a troubled centre including periodic storytelling sessions and much more. She took over as one of the Project Coordinators for Make A Difference this academic year, and when her counterpart had to unexpectedly travel abroad she did the commendable work of singlehandedly managing the operations of all eight centres for more than four months. Her contribution as the overall Liaison and Info Desk Coordinator at Siragugal 2011 is also noteworthy.

–          Ishwarya Sankar for the will to fight challenges and overcome them with a wide smile!

A funny man with amazing skills in fundraising and public relations… He has never failed to put together his experience from the corporate world to mould a nascent idea into a large-scale project. Children’s Day with Chitti the Robot at Sangam Cinemas wouldn’t have been possible without his vigour and consistent efforts. He was also one of the key members who put together Joy to the World at Hilton for children from Udhavum Ullangal home. His PR and people skills are to be envied. His contribution to the HR team, even though minimal, has encouraged the team members to think wider and wackier.

–          Dr. Abdul Hameed Khan for bringing to life Bhumi’s fundraising and PR team.

Sober in appearance, vibrant in behaviour… She has put together a repository of Group Activities for children’s development as part of the Droncharya & Ekalavya programme and has been the epicentre of coordination. Her contribution has been crucial in designing the feedback structure for the activities conducted.  As a mentor, she has been a very focused and has consistently worked innovatively with her mentees in motivating and giving them a new perspective of life. Her excellent bond with her team members has added a lot of value to the team. Her work as an event organiser at Siragugal 2011 and as on-stage coordinator is worth mentioning.

–          Uma Shanmuganathan for her consistency and sustained interest in every task she undertakes.

He has played a critical role in uplifting the standard of the Dronacharya & Ekalavya programme through his constant constructive feedback – thus helping the project’s transition from the pilot phase to a more structured one. With his zealous attitude, he has always worked effectively in planning and conducting his mentoring sessions for children, setting an example for fellow mentors. He also went a step ahead and formulated guidelines as a part of the Mentor Engineering Team. His contribution towards stabilising and taking forward the learning cycles for volunteers when his predecessor had to leave at short notice is truly commendable.

–          Yeshwant Bhargav for beating a new path which will help the team march steadily.

Soft spoken by nature, she is one of the ideal mentors of the Dronacharya & Ekalavya programme, and her unique and customised approaches for the children she has been mentoring have been inspirational to many. Her contribution as an Open House Coordinator helped Bhumi broaden its approach and created an opportunity for volunteers learn from other programmes. Her enthusiasm as an overall Sporting Events Coordinator at Siragugal this year was quite amazing.

–          Santosh Lakshmi for her admirable leadership and team-building skills.

She was so passionate about working with Bhumi that being idle was not an option when she had to move to Bengaluru. She transformed her vision of starting a chapter into action, and as a project coordinator of Kanini her perseverance and consistent efforts in identifying centres and bringing in new volunteers have been admirable.  She’s friendly by nature, and her easygoing personality has played a crucial role in strengthening the bond among volunteers. She was also a key member in organising Joy to the World this year, spreading more than 200 smiles in Bengaluru city.

–          Aarthi Narasimhan for an amazing journey that has just begun.

What Rahul Dravid is to the Indian Cricket Team, he is to Kanini’s CORD centre in Thamaraipakkam—The Wall. His unimaginable commitment starts with his weekly trips of travelling more than 70kms from Kelambakkam to Thamaraipakkam to change the lives of a group of children. Distance has never hindered his participation in Kanini meetings and its internal events. His role in coordinating Kanini’s Computer Quest at Thamaraipakkam this year was beyond excellent. Even though he isn’t a part of the operations team, he involved himself in identifying new centres for Kanini. As an active member of the syllabus team, his contribution to content development is invaluable. His participation in food management and his coordination with external volunteers were commendable during Siragugal 2011.

–          Balaji Karunakaran for being an invaluable asset to Bhumi and Kanini.

She always was at her best as a Kanini centre coordinator – be it organising classes, coordinating with volunteers, arranging meetings or implementing new ideas. She coordinated with Cognizant’s Outreach team in conducting an arts workshop at our YMCA centre in Parrys. She took up many roles in Siragugal. Her contribution as a Smile Ticket Coordinator deserves special mention. She was one of the key members who put together fun events and stalls on both days. Her active participation in structure design, planning and idea execution was inspiring and much appreciated by everyone.  She was also involved in coordinating Fine Arts competitions.

–          Nirmala Devi for her high energy and interest in expanding the scope of Bhumi activities.

Quiet by nature, he amazed us with his splendid contribution for Siragugal this year. When our hunt for a school with a large auditorium and play ground proved to be very challenging, he introduced us to MCC School in Chetpet; through his consistent follow up and networking he helped Bhumi confirm this school as the venue in a couple of weeks’ time. Understanding the monetary constraints of Bhumi and the humungous budget for Siragugal, he single-handedly raised One Lakh Rupees from his friends and relatives – with not even a single smile ticket!

–          Venkatanarayanan for volunteering to make a world of difference when needed the most.

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