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Bhumi’s Changemakers 2012

Bhumi’s Changemakers 2012

Language is no barrier to a volunteer with a ‘never say die’ attitude. A spirited volunteer, he has been instrumental in incorporating new systems at his centre and Little Einsteins. Approachable at any time, he is considered ‘always dependable’, he is one of the most sought after volunteer for substitution and for many weeks he has made himself available on both Saturdays and Sundays. An out of the box thinker, his suggestions and implementation of new ideas have benefited Bhumi on the whole. His idea to create a one-stop web-resource centre for Little Einsteins is not only visionary, but will also enable new volunteers to get accustomed to the programme quickly with very little effort. Despite his busy work schedule, he effectively managed as the overall events coordinator at Nakshatra 2012 and deserves praise for conducting the events in a hassle free manner. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Gopi Pepakayala the Changemaker of the Year award for his overall contribution to Little Einsteins. We love the photographer in you and hope you would continue to make yourself available for all Bhumi events.

A systematic and lovable volunteer, she soon became popular amongst the children at her centre. She is one of the best teachers Bhumi has seen for she handles the children gracefully and with utmost ease. She took charge as the centre coordinator in difficult circumstances and reorganised many aspects, right from regaining the faith of the management, strengthening the bond between volunteers, tracking attendance and feedback regularly and making sure adequate resources were available for every class. Her contribution for the annual ‘Math Carnival’ and Nakshatra’s Science Exhibition was extensive and deserves special mention. Sitting through long nights to create a lot of materials helped in making these activities and exhibits very attractive for the children. She was the one of the key persons in getting the Science team started and her continuous efforts have paid off with Little Einsteins being able to restart the Science programme. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Sasikala T the Changemaker of the Year award for taking the efforts to give Little Einsteins a much needed makeover and being a role model to many within the programme.

Her unwavering pursuit of an innovative approach has inspired many volunteers to join what’s usually less preferred – the Group Activities Team. If not for her, this core aspect of Lakshya may not be in its present state. Though she had spent only a short period with us, her contribution will remain invaluable. Not knowing Tamil has never stopped her from mingling with the children. Her follow up with volunteers is quite prompt, and has never failed to complete work in time. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Bhawana Chhabra the Changemaker of the Year award for her contribution to Lakshya’s Group Activities Team, which has formed a strong foundation for the years to come.

‘Difficult’ is a word that doesn’t exist in his dictionary; for he completes anything and everything irrespective of how humungous or complicated the task is. With absolutely no hesitation, he helps those in need and is an active part of many facets of Lakshya – centre coordination, inventory management, ‘career resource centre’ and more. He has always contributed to Nakshatra actively, particularly with the Logistics and Sports team and his effort to meet the minute needs of every team is much appreciable and inspiring to many. His charming smile instils the faith that he’s a man of action and not just words. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Yogesh R the Changemaker of the Year award for his commitment to Bhumi and the quality of work delivered, and we wish him the best for his dream career to come true.

His contribution in studying and documenting various models of mentoring, to help restructure the Lakshya programme, is commendable. His commitment and depth of research immensely motivated those around him. His meticulous documentation of mentoring sessions stood as a model to fellow mentors. As part of Bhumi’s HR team, his contribution to creating the annual volunteer feedback form was significant. When he was requested to travel almost 40 kilometres to pick up children from one of the homes participating in Nakshatra before dawn, he accepted with no hesitation and was prompt in action too. His command over the Tamil language has come handy in many an occasion and he has never hesitated to assist the Lakshya and Nakshatra teams with translation work. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Santhosh Saravanan the Changemaker of the Year for his commitment to Bhumi, sincerity in delivering his best to its programmes and an ever-helping attitude.

The Lakshya team often wonders if there’s anyone more passionate, efficient and hardworking than he is. His commitment is par excellence, for even though he joined mid-academic year, his mentoring and tutoring skills motivated other volunteers to contribute towards the common objective. His contribution to Lakshya’s Group Activities repository, by documenting many of the past activities in a proper format, was significant and is being followed as a reference point. His contribution to Nakshatra’s security team was much appreciated too. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Prasanna Kumar the Changemaker of the Year award for his overall contribution to the Lakshya programme and his sincerity in mentoring and tutoring.

Dependable and prompt with communication, he’s one of Lakshya’s most dedicated mentors. In addition to weekly mentoring, he also took up tutoring religiously and has contributed immensely to the academic progress of some children at his centre. He also helped the children submit their idea on creating awareness on the ill-effects of consuming drugs, alcohol and gutka for the ‘Design for Change’ contest. He’s an active multimedia designer and played a key role in finalising Lakshya’s new logo, putting together its monthly newsletter ‘Ripples’ and creating some of the materials for Nakshatra 2012. His inputs to the arts team and coordination with its members deserve special mention. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Rajan Santhanam the Changemaker of the Year award for his commitment to work and determination to deliver his best in every task he takes up.

“There is no substitute for hard work” and at ‘Little Einsteins’, there is no substitute for him! A volunteer who prepares well ahead of every class, shares quality feedback without fail and pushes himself to give the best. His contribution towards the Treasure Hunt activity at one of the centres and the Science Exhibition at Nakshatra 2012 deserve a special mention. His exemplary coordination skills came to the fore during the Math Carnival at his centre. He is one of the primary drivers behind restarting the Little Einsteins Science programme, after three years! We the members of Bhumi confer upon Boopalan Mohanasundaram the Changemaker of the Year award for his significant work in Bhumi’s Little Einsteins. Bhumi loves your ever-smiling face and undying spirit to give your best in every way possible.

As the centre coordinator, she took a lot of interest and care in stabilising her classes, overcoming difficult circumstances. An excellent team leader, she encourages those around her to take up tasks and assists in carrying out these. She has contributed significantly to Kanini’s syllabus and its annual event Computer Quest. At Nakshatra, she efficiently coordinated the Science Exhibition team and effectively managed the inventory and the certificates committee. She is a source of inspiration to many and her glorious smile has always reflected her attitude, irrespective of the time and place of work. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Kathambari Ezhilarasu the Changemaker of the Year award for her overall commitment to Bhumi, her sincerity and meticulousness in work and her go-getter attitude.

He’s the personification of patience and meticulousness, for volunteers find great pleasure in working with him. His motivation to deliver the best has always instilled responsibility and accountability in his team members, encouraging them to work hard too. At Nakshatra, he effectively managed the venue management team and was always on his toes, making sure the teams dependent on his work were comfortable and met their needs in time. As the centre coordinator, he efficiently managed his volunteers and the children from his centre excelled at Kanini’s Computer Quest 2012. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Yasaswy Peesapati the Changemaker of the Year award for his energy, team management skills and commitment to work, that have inspired many.

She’s one of the model centre coordinators in Bhumi, for she has always been there to support her volunteers and children. Her efforts to be present on both days of the weekend to ensure there are no hitches during classes are commendable. Undoubtedly one of the most innovative teachers from the Speak Out programme, she has constantly encouraged her volunteers to deliver the best and has been instrumental in creating a repository of activities that the volunteers can refer from. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Nithya Ramamurthi the Changemaker of the Year award for her consistency in delivering in all possible ways for the Speak Out programme.

Her actions spoke louder, for she single-handedly developed a primary syllabus for children at one of the Speak Out centres. This created a detailed repository for an academic year and many of the volunteers are in praise of the quality of work she had delivered. She also played an active role in Bhumi’s iCubed and Research & Development team. Her contribution towards the Siragugal 2011 souvenir deserves special mention. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Bhooma Madhavan the Changemaker of the Year award for her splendid and invaluable contribution to the Speak Out programme and Research & Development team.

He has been a standout since the day he joined Bhumi. Not because he’s tall and loud, but because he’s friendly, outgoing and dedicated. Oozing with ideas, he has always been there for the HR team, representing Bhumi at its volunteer recruitment drives and orientations. Even though he knew he won’t be able to be part of Nakshatra 2012, he was present whenever and wherever required until his departure for his higher studies. From collating contents to structuring the pages of the Siragugal 2011 souvenir, he was very enthusiastic till the printed copies arrived in hand. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Ashok Shanker the Changemaker of the Year award for his overall contribution to Bhumi’s HR, PR teams and the Nakshatra programme and his undying energy and enthusiasm, which are contagious.

Her work in the Kanini’s syllabus team has required little or no review – such has been the quality of work delivered. Her key inputs for the evaluation and assessments are invaluable, and she is the perfect example of an ideal syllabus team volunteer. She also contributed effectively to Computer Quest 2012 and has always been appreciated for her meticulousness. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Supraja Suresh the Changemaker of the Year award for her dedication and contribution to Kanini’s syllabus team.

As one of the key persons involved in Kanini’s syllabus team, he was responsible for the complete review of every lesson plan developed and deserves special mention. His efforts in translating the syllabus are also commendable. His dependable, meticulous and efficient have been much appreciated by his team members. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Dinesh Kumar N the Changemaker of the Year award for his invaluable contribution to Kanini’s syllabus team.

Apart from identifying centres and managing weekly operations, he was also instrumental in motivating his volunteers to deliver their best to the children. When his centre coordinator had to leave on short notice, he plunged in with great enthusiasm and energy to fill her shoes. His contribution to Little Einsteins’ syllabus team deserves special mention. Motivating his friends from work to join Bhumi showed the seriousness with which he handled Bhumi’s ‘each one brings one’ concept and he never failed to be present at our orientation sessions. Despite knowing that he would have to travel onsite, he volunteered to be a part of Nakshatra’s volunteer management team and delivered his best during this short phase. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Sriranjan Gorty the Changemaker of the Year award for his phenomenal work in Bhumi’s Little Einsteins and Nakshatra programmes. Bhumi salutes your energy in inspiring a large team of volunteers and your prowess at being an ideal, supportive team player and leader.

Within just a few months into volunteering with Bhumi, he is already making his presence by being everywhere! His extensive work in creating a comprehensive repository of orphanages in Bengaluru, identifying teaching centres for Bhumi’s operations and extending a personal invitation to many of these for the city edition of Nakshatra showed his passion and commitment to the cause of changing the lives of underprivileged children. The most significant and much praised contribution was finding the venue and food for Nakshatra, Bengaluru at no cost. This inspired the volunteering team in the city to kick off the preliminary phase of Nakshatra with great enthusiasm. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Surendran M Krishnan the Changemaker of the Year award for his exceptional work in Bhumi’s Operations and Nakshatra. Bhumi salutes your undying spirit and conviction and we hope to see you grow stronger with us.

His contribution in Bhumi started with not just being a teaching volunteer in the Kanini programme, but also as an enthusiastic Tech Team curator to maintain our computers. We wouldn’t be exaggerating to state that he never utters the word ‘NO’. With a subtle smirk on his face, he commits to almost every task put forward and manages to complete with great ease and finesse. His work as part of the Logistics team at both the Chennai and Bengaluru editions of Nakshatra were significant. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Sai Kanthan the Changemaker of the Year award for his phenomenal work in Bhumi’s Operations and Nakshatra. Bhumi salutes your positive spirit and effervescent energy that you spread to those around you.

She played an integral and unmatchable role in setting up Bhumi’s chapter in Trichy. She has always been focussed in bringing volunteers throughout the year and her efforts are commendable; she has also been effectively managing the programmes on a weekly basis and her contribution to the volunteer management team at Nakshatra 2012 is also much appreciable. We the members of Bhumi confer upon Ranjani Ramamoorthi the Changemaker of the Year award for her overall contribution to Bhumi. We deeply appreciate your energy and enthusiasm and believe you would continue to excel in every task you take up.


His dedication to Bhumi came to light when he arose to coordinate operations at his teaching centre during difficult circumstances. He took the initiative to manage the Tech team in Trichy, and has always ensured the effective operation of computers at every centre. At Nakshatra 2012, he effectively managed the transport team as part of logistics with great ease and finesse.

We the members of Bhumi confer upon Raghavan Srinivasa N the Changemaker of the Year award for his overall contribution to the Kanini and Nakshtra programmes and wish him the best in his future endeavours.


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