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Bhumi’s Torchbearers 2010 – 2011

Bhumi’s Torchbearers 2010 – 2011

There are an exceptional few who make every Bhumian extremely proud – those who have and continue to take the Bhumi flame higher and higher. Here are Bhumi’s Torchbearers of 2010 – 2011

A quiet, patient volunteer whose contribution to Bhumi from behind the scenes has been extensive… With some free time in hand, she volunteered to be part of the HR team. What started off with manning stalls transformed into full-fledged coordination of volunteer recruitment drives at colleges. Her efforts as part of the HR team brought in many new members in 2011. Her ability  to follow up with people is simply tremendous and something to learn from. During Siragugal, she played a crucial role in the Culturals team. From overall coordination including the purchase and sorting of gifts for more than 450 children to mobilising operations for ‘Reach Out’ at the premises of many orphanages, her work has been remarkable. She also took the initiative to organise three amazing workshops – karate, storytelling and pottery – for the children who participated in Siragugal 2011. She has always been on the lookout to identify funding and other resource opportunities for Bhumi. Her attention to detail in every task and her perseverance to complete the activities she undertakes is greatly appreciated.

–          Amrita Subramanian for her phenomenal work in Bhumi’s HR team and Siragugal. Bhumi salutes your undying spirit and wishes you a bright future.

His interests shone bright at the preliminary meetings of Siragugal 2010. Since then there has been no dull moment in this journey. As one of the batch coordinators and now the Resources Coordinator of the Make A Difference programme, he took the initiative to put together the MAD on Computer project. His coordination skills across donor companies during Joy to the World this year is much appreciated. Staying up late to plan what went where, surmounting many hurdles and ensuring the children walked in with nothing less than a big smile – such was his commendable involvement in the Decorations team of Siragugal 2011. Also, he was one of the reliable coordinators of the Smile Ticket team – not only on weekends but every morning before reporting to work and during lunch breaks. He readily agreed to coordinate morning classes for almost a week and a half at a government school in Kannagi Nagar, one of the city’s most notorious slums, despite a hectic work schedule.

–          Harikumar Venkataramani for his interest in understanding how Bhumi and its programmes work and his unwavering passion to do more.

Even though she was with the Little Einsteins programme, she made her presence felt everywhere. Her contribution within the team was always sound – be it the operations or the syllabus team. Also an indispensible member of the HR Team, she was very active in organising many Bhumi events – like Bhumi Premier League, Fun Day and more. As the Fine Arts Coordinator of Siragugal 2011, her enthusiasm to create a really wide platform for the children was remarkable. She was also one of the key members who helped the Young Indians team from Bhavans Rajaji Vidyasharam put together an Employment Fair for drop-outs from the nearby slums. She played a noteworthy role in coordinating operations for Bhumi with IIT’s Saarang.

–          Sharanya Bharath for her tremendous energy and passion. We salute your spirit and hope that you will continue spreading music and smiles.

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