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Blooming Beyond Education

Blooming Beyond Education

“Teachers, school administrators and parents will come away from life-enriching education with skills in language, communication and ways of structuring the learning environment that support the development of autonomy and interdependence in the classroom.” 

As part of Bhumi’s whole School Transformation Programme, Life Skills workshop was conducted for 20 teachers across 20 schools over a period of six weeks.

Teacher development is a major component of the programme and therefore, the workshop aims to equip teachers to acknowledge and develop interpersonal relationships, self-awareness, empathy, coping with emotions or stress, critical thinking, decision making and much more. It also promotes personal development through focused conversations, facilitated and driven by trained professionals.

The workshop had an immense impact on a few teachers from Serva Sev Vidhyalaya School and Olcott Memorial School, who felt a deep connect with the “Life Tree” and “River of Life” activities, making them recollect memories and visualising their life’s journey.

Ms. Serahphine from Olcott School perceived a chance for self-realization of her various phases in life through this workshop and also learnt to empathise with the children to create an impact beyond education. Ms. Jayalakshmi from Avvai Home Primary School quoted that the workshop brought out a lot of positivity, making her embrace the importance of “We” rather than “I”.

Hence, life skills are an essential set of abilities that enable an individual to deal effectively with demands and challenges encountered in our everyday life. Bhumi’s School Transformation Programme, in partnership with the Learning Curve Life Skills Foundation, aims at integrating socio-emotional development into the school’s schedule, thus transforming a classroom into a collaborative, fearless space for children to foster in.

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