Bhumi | Bright Deepavali on a gloomy rainy day!
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Bright Deepavali on a gloomy rainy day!

Bright Deepavali on a gloomy rainy day!

A typical rainy day in Chennai involves languishing inside the house, lazing around on the couch, savouring hot tea and home-made pakodas. But, this was not just another rainy day. It was that special day when Bhumi volunteers celebrated Deepavali with kids from the SAC Dr.P.V.Rao High School, R.A.Puram. A day when, the spirit of Bhumians defeated the might of cyclone Jal. The volunteers and the kids, who enthusiastically participated in all the events and enjoyed the day tremendously.

The volunteers had come up with a variety of events to entertain the kids. First in line were a couple of pantomimes. One was on what happens when a kid accidentally lands up with a TV remote which he does not know how to operate, and the other having a ‘Save Trees, Save Earth’ theme. Performer Vivek was applauded by everyone, for the role (of a tree) that he portrayed with finesse. A little birdie whispered that he rehearsed one whole night to perform with absolute perfection. Whatey commitment!

The next event was a rocking dance performance by Vigneshvar, Divya M and Shruthi P which proved that ‘dancing with the feet is one thing, with the heart is quite another’. Vigneshvar made everyone feel that there is no greater passion than the passion of a dancer. He also pulled in a couple of zealous kids, to shake a leg to some kuthu songs.

Then we had an energetic performance by Bhumi’s very own music band, B Sharp! The zest of the singers is definitely worth mentioning. Even the poor audio quality of the speakers did not deter them from presenting a medley of popular Tamil songs with complete josh. Be it Bhargav’s gusto during ‘En uchi mandaila’ or Malli’s expressions during ‘Aasaya kathula thooduvittu’, B Sharp rocked!

All the kids and volunteers were ready to sizzle on the dance floor. The peppy music made sure that nobody was left behind. The acro-dance performed by a couple of kids left us in amazement. Even Teacher Amma was not spared from doing a few groovy moves!

And finally, all of us smacked our lips in anticipation as the yummmy chocolate cake was brought into the room for the birthday bashes of Karthik (DnE), Karthik (Little Einsteins) and Dilip. Bangggg. The cake was cut and everyone relished the “high” that only chocolate can bring. Sweets and savouries were also distributed to the kids, who departed with contentment after that.

What a lovely day it was! It sure did spread warmth and sunshine everywhere!

Ishwarya Sankar

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