Bhumi | Campus Catalysts – Roles & Responsibilities
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Campus Catalysts – Roles & Responsibilities

Roles of Campus Catalysts

In his/her organisation/institution

  1. Represent Bhumi
  2. Mobilise as many volunteers as possible
  3. Strategise, Promote & organise Bhumi campaigns (Daan Utsav, National Volunteering Week, CarniVol etc.)


Responsibilities of Campus Catalysts

  1. Promote – Bhumi campaigns via activities, posters, social media and other communication channels
  2. Coordinate – organising Bhumi workshops in his/her organisation
  3. Present – and create awareness about the organisation on campus
  4. Ideate, Implement – New volunteering opportunities
  5. Motivate – peers to volunteer for civic initiatives
  6. Synergise – and coordinate with existing social welfare events on campus
  7. Empower – students to be agents of social change
  8. Update – activities carried out to Bhumi


Incentives for Campus Catalysts

  1. Skill development
  2. Successful* Campus Catalysts will receive a certificate
  3. Experience the Joy of Volunteering and helping spread the same in his/her organisation
  4. Privilege to attend/network at Bhumi events in their city
  5. Exceptional Campus Catalysts will also receive awards