Bhumi | Changemakers 2010 Speak – Part 1/2
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Changemakers 2010 Speak – Part 1/2

Changemakers 2010 Speak – Part 1/2

I remember reading this speech by Sir Winston Churchill to a group of college students at a huge post war celebration where he said” Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, Give in. Never give in”. I’ve always tried to go by his words but failed often and started living a life full of regrets. Bhumi gave me an opportunity to do away with the regrets. Career counselling is something very close to me, and the people in the team are so awe-inspiring, each one of them is a living example of Churchill’s wisdom. The award felt good, it is a recognition for the efforts and hard work but there is a long way to go before I actually deserve any recognition. This award now is a silent reminder that a lot more needs to be done, more lives to be touched. At this moment I would like to thank my project head Vivek who has always been there motivating us, making us run that extra mile 🙂 Thank you Vaish, you’ve always been a source of inspiration, and will always continue to be. Thank you Doc for your kind words while presenting the award, they left me wondering who it would be.  Congrats to all the other Changemakers. Felt great being a part of the Change – Abdul Khadeer

When my folks often remark that I don’t think of a week without Bhumi, I just smile to myself. During the award ceremony, when Dr.Prahalathan read out the citation and asked people to guess who the awardee was, quite a few shouted out my name, I was speechless. The same night I showed it to all my loved ones with great pride… It really meant a lot to me. It’s the first recognition I have ever received, that too from people who I think are the changemakers of this society. I am proud to say that I am a Bhumian. Great going Bhumi & Bhumians! Love You All. Vanakam!! – Anirudhra Boganadham

Whenever I heard people talk about youth being the power of the country, I never figured out why and how does it relate to everyday life when a youngster is expected to either sit with books or concentrate on his career. But today, when I see myself and others of my age, being instrumental in serving society through an organisation, I realised the truth in youth being the power of this nation. “Bhumi is an addiction”. This is something that almost every Bhumian says and I got addicted to it 2 yrs back. It is the passion for teaching that brought me into Bhumi and once I started living my passion, responsibility glued onto me. I started as a volunteer with the MAD project. Initially it was just a formality that I was undergoing until the first class for which I had to prepare. At the end of the class, there was no one happier than me. The chatter of the kids and their curious voice has always been encouraging. Bhumi has taught me a lot- through the kids I’ve taught and through my fellow Bhumians. It really is such a proud feeling to be associated with it. This award means a lot to me, I feel happy that Bhumi is recognising the efforts of young individuals like me and appreciating them. Thank you so much. 🙂 – Kaavya Ramachandran

It has been exactly a year now since I joined Bhumi, and to be conferred the “Changemaker of the year” award really means a lot. Thank you!! Spending quality time with under privileged children is something I have always wanted to do. I even tried to form a group in my college to help these kids with their lessons but, it didn’t work out.  So, I joined Bhumi and have thoroughly enjoyed the past year. The kids and the volunteers of both PV Rao School and now Ramakrishna home have been amazing. Special thanks to Abdul, Parthiban, Deeptha, Karate Vaishnavi, Sriram whom I worked with closely in the Career Counselling team.  And to Bhargav, Doctor, Vaishnavi (President madam), Prakash, working with you guys during the DnE setup phase and during Siragugal was a delight. And finally to “Big poppa pump” Vivek Agarwal saab. My bigggggggg boss and best buddy!! Thank you Vivek for showing trust and faith!! Bhumi is surely destined for greater things in the near future…And, no doubts that you and me will be a part of it…together!!

PS: No matter where I end up, Bhumi will always be my second school and its members my second mentors! Really proud to be among all you awesome people! 🙂 – Karthik Nallamuthu

It has been an awesome journey that I have had with Bhumi these past two years. As a part of the Kanini project I was able to deliver myself with the help of my team. The team spirit and co-operation that we had motivated me to do more and more. Rather than saying Lokesh is awarded for his contribution, I would have preferred it to have been said that Lokesh and his team have been awarded for their contributions. While joining Bhumi I assumed that I would be teaching children what I have learnt so far, but actually I have learnt more from the children and my team. Hope this knowledge enrichment prolongs forever among us – Lokesh Rekapalli


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