Bhumi | Bhumi’s Guidelines for volunteering during the CoVid lockdown
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Bhumi’s Guidelines for volunteering during the CoVid lockdown

Last updated on: 28 April 2020

Volunteering during Covid19 is not like volunteering for any other disaster or crisis. It is important to note a few requirements before you start volunteering.

Volunteering DOs 

  • Ensure your safety and that of your family before you consider volunteering
  • Always adhere to the laws & restrictions in your region. You can find them on you state / local  government website or at your local police station
  • Procure a pass from the local government / police to step outside your house. Without the pass you may face restrictions or charges 
  • Carry a small bottle of sanitiser (if possible)
  • Frequently Ensure you wash your hands with soap for minimum of 20 seconds
  • Always maintain social distancing
  • Volunteer only within a radius of 1-2 kms from where you live so you can either walk or use a bicycle. 

Volunteering DON’Ts

  • Do not volunteer if you are living with anyone at risk. For eg: children, old people, those suffering from any illnesses
  • Do not go out of your homes to volunteer without a mask. 
  • Do not attempt to help people in need who reside  in containment zones. This information will be available with local authorities. Refer such people only to the government 
  • Do not use two wheelers or four wheelers without government / police permission. Your vehicle may be seized
  • Do not volunteer in groups to avoid crowding 
  • Do not commit to closing requests of people in need until you are sure of providing the required support

How to #MicroVolunteer locally

  • Support old people who need help in your locality/flat etc.
  • If there are daily wagers (flower sellers, dhobis, auto drivers etc.) in  your locality who need support mobilise your local community/Resident Association to support them with cash or in kind

How to Volunteer virtually

  • Recommend daily wager beneficiary for financial support through Bhumi here.
  • If there are daily wagers in  your locality who need support you can create an online fundraiser through Bhumi to raise funds, support them financially
  • Volunteer for Bhumi’s CoVid-19 Helpline’s Calling and Research team here
  • Bhumi’s helpline is receiving a few hundred calls every day follow us on Twitter reshare requests and help people in your locality
  • Follow BHUMI on social media and share our helpline information – Facebook Twitter Instagram

Share your experience with us on [email protected]. It will help us in sharing stories of those in need to receive more support

As Aesop says, ‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’ Your every effort will count. Stay Safe. We are in this together.