O c t o b e r 2 t o 8 # D a a n U t s a v

India's biggest festival of giving during which people come together and volunteer for various acts of kindness. At Bhumi, we believe that giving is aspirational and built upon a belief that our contributions can advance humanity, help communities overcome challenges, create solutions and empower individuals. This year, you can choose to volunteer and/or also lead various Daan Utsav campaigns with support from Bhumi.

V o l u n t e e r i n g C a m p a i g n s o n D a a n U t s a v
Digital Utsav

An initiative to support the creation and delivery of any digital need to NGOs. This is a unique opportunity to directly impact an NGO and their ability to reach thousands of more supporters and beneficiaries.

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Kindness Challenge

Join 10,000 other people in the country to take up the Kindness Challenge. Share your act of kindness with us and get a framed certificate with your photo celebrating you as a Kindness Challenge Champion.You can also lead the campaign in your community, school or college.

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Clean-up Drive

Join 5,000 other volunteers across the country in collecting tonnes of garbage and disposing them sustainably. Sign up and find a drive close to your home. If are you choosing to lead setting up in your community, school. college or corporate, Bhumi would be supporting by reimbursing any material cost incurred and also train you to lead a drive.

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Thank you for Participating in Daan Utsav 2022 – India’s biggest festival of Giving

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