Bhumi | Farewell Party 2009 – 2010
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Farewell Party 2009 – 2010

Farewell Party 2009 – 2010

A Farewell party in an Art Village. Umm.
Black or White theme. Uhh.
Discussions, brain-storms, future plans. Ugh.

Sunday, 4th April, 2010. Cholamandalam Art Village.

16:13 PM: 60% Excitement!
30% Skepticism… (There was a huge stone at the venue.)
10% Frantic chit making + curiosity!

16:22 PM: Nandhini briefed us on why we were there. Towards the end she pointed at the big stone and said, “That’s a piece of art!”

16:31 PM: A quick Art-y quiz was conducted. Bhumians’ knowledge of art is quite commendable! :D

16:39 PM: Volunteer trivia game. The volunteers introduced each other by sharing something crazy and interesting about    themselves, either a blast from the past or a personality quirk! :P

6:57 PM: Everyone rushed to grab their snacks and sugarcane juice!

17:33 PM: The paintings hunt began!! 5 teams, 10 clues and an Art museum with works by world-renowned artists! The next 20 minutes saw 30 volunteers running helter-skelter in a museum looking for answers to the questions in their chits: Where was the painting that resembled Google Earth? How many keys would unlock the sculpture that could be opened?! The silence and decorum that are usually maintained in a museum were completely missing. Nonetheless, every single person in the perimeter was either rejoicing, laughing or awestruck!

17:58 PM: The awesome, mouth-watering, yummy, delicious chocolate truffle cake was plunged into!

18:12 PM: Certificates distribution.

18:28 PM: *Teary-eyed* Sharing of experiences by volunteers leaving MAD.

18:37 PM: Swearing in Ceremony – The MAD Oath was taken.

18:54 PM: Goodbye. Really? More like Stay on!

A Farewell party in an Art Village. FUN!
Black or White theme. PERFECT!

Discussions, brain-storms, future plans. Not mandatory for all meetings!

Bhumi’s FAREWELL – One with a difference! :)

More pics @ http://picasaweb.google.com/BhumiChennai/BhumiFarewell2010


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