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From Bhumi’s Youngest Volunteer

From Bhumi’s Youngest Volunteer

Every time I see a little child living in poverty, I feel a certain guilt within me; the guilt of living a normal life without too many burdens. Only recently did I realize that it is not entirely the government’s fault or responsibility to address this situation. We are equally responsible to strive to make a change.  Of course, change can be made for better or for worse, but if there is anyone who can bring about that change, it is us, the people of India. I believe that it is every citizen’s duty to contribute to a better country, and that’s why I made my decision. I wasn’t just going to sit around and complain. I was going to stand up; stand up strong to help society and do as much as I can.

I began searching the internet for NGOs that could give me a platform to make the change I wanted to make. I soon landed up on Bhumi’s webpage, and immediately made up my mind to work with Bhumi. What led me to make this decision was the motto and aim of this NGO. It is a beautiful thought to want to impart knowledge to poor children and I feel that education is one of the most important necessities in a world like this. What motivated me the most was a line I read on BHUMI’s official page – “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

After I registered with Bhumi, I was invited to the orientation where I met people who could change India – they were people who could put their heart and soul into changing society, people who were kind and friendly, people with big hearts. These are exactly the kind of people our country is in need of.

Before I knew it, I was conducting my first ever class at Wilson Garden, Bangalore. No matter what pain they had gone through, these children seemed like the happiest people ever! Right now, seeing their smiling faces is what matters to me the most, more than anything else in the world. That feeling I get when I help them and spend time with them is just priceless!  It makes me so happy and I forget about everything else. I can now say with pride that I am educating orphan children, and more importantly, I am bringing smiles to their faces, all thanks to Bhumi.

These children have a lot to tell, they can get really emotional at times and cry for silly reasons, but when they cry you would see thousands of stories in their big bright eyes filled with tears. It is really sad to see kids of that age go through so much, but I am glad someone stood up for them, I am glad that WE stood up for them. These kids are India’s tomorrow and I believe that they will achieve great heights in life; maybe even fulfill our dreams for a better India and make this world a better place to live in. Bhumi has been working towards this better tomorrow for several years.

Thank you Bhumi for giving me the platform to stand up and do something for the society and I’m proud to say that I am Bhumi’s youngest volunteer.

Spread Love. Spread Peace.

– Pranav Kamnani, Bangalore

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