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Tips for a Green Lifestyle

Green-Lifestyle, an initiative under Eco-champs programme, presents to you various tips for our day-to-day lifestyle that will go a long way in conserving Mother Earth’s pristine resources.


1. Buy groceries from rice market. They wrap everything in newspaper.
2. Refuse plastic bags and packages. Stop patronizing shops giving plastic packages.
3. Encourage people to opt home-made food as much as possible than ordering online; this benefits both your health and nature’s health
4. Say no to plastic straws and plastic tumblers
5. Paper gift wrapping can be done instead of plastics wrapping
6. Go for organic detergents/dishwasher/body-wash than the toxic products you see in advertisements.


1. Purchase only what is needed. Be a minimalist! Reduce unnecessary consumption of materials as far as possible. 
2. Prefer getting vegetable/provisions from street vendors over supermarkets
3. Increase dependence on solar/biogas energy than conventional coal energy (yes, wind energy also exists).
4. Carry own water bottle while travelling
5. Do not waste food – 1/3 of world’s food is wasted – feed the needy


1. Zero tolerance towards single use plastic covers. Refuse the shopkeepers and suggest them it is against the rule and tell them that affects their children’s health too.
2. Ensure you carry own shopping bags instead of consuming new bags.
3. Use only steel utensils. While ordering/buying food including sweets and savouries carry your own containers.
4. Buy few but good quality clothes and other items so that they will lay a long time and can be reused even after you discard them.
5. Grey water (relatively clean water from baths, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances) can be treated and used again
6. Use old buckets for growing plants


1. Make compost from your green waste and grow a small garden at home.
2. Make home-stitched carry bags from old clothes
3. Recycle cartons, plastic containers, papers, metals and electrical/electronic items at waste-paper mart


1. Conscious consumption of daily products based on the virtual water (water involved in a product’s production) involved


A minimalist lifestyle with responsible living will trump over mindless materialism!

If you have any green tips and want to share it with the world, write to us at [email protected] .

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