Bhumi | Workshop: Sources of Harry Potter
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Workshop: Sources of Harry Potter

Name of the workshop: Sources of Harry Potter

Date: 26th July, 2020 

Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Age group: 10++

Registration fees: Rs. 150

Things to be covered in the workshop:

  • Harry Potter not just as a fantasy novel, but a literary phenomenon.
  • The analogy between Voldemort and Hitler.
  • How J. K. Rowling came up with the spells. What does Peskipiksi Pesternomi really mean? Where does it come from? Get to know the origins of the phrases.
  • Lord Voldemort’s snake ‘Nagini’ and Hindu philosophy.
  • How the muggles and half-bloods were same as Hitler’s projection of Jews.
  • Harry Potter, just a boy? Or a full-fledged detective?
  • Fun activities revolving around Harry, Ron and Hermione.
  • Does Wingardium Leviosa have a German origin?

Why should people come to the workshop?

Anyone interested in literature may attend the workshop, irrespective of age. It’s an informative, fun session for Harry Potter lovers. Harry Potter’s birthday is on 31st July. It’s going to be a celebration. When we read Harry Potter, we mostly dive in the fantastic, majestic parts. We don’t know the origins of the spells, the phrases or the connection that can be made with history. The facilitator, Joie Bose, will guide us through beyond the surface.


Joie Bose has studied literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University and has written a thesis on Harry Potter from a non-fiction perspective. She is the author of Corazon Roto and Sixty-Nine Other Treasons. She co-founded Poetry Paradigm and is an executive body member of Indian Performance and Poetry Library.



About Speak Out:

Speak Out deals with kids from classes 1 to 5. Since the kids are too young, we cannot go beyond the alphabets, articles, basic vocabulary, reading comprehension. But the most intriguing part of Speak Out is the storytelling sessions we have at the end of the class. We are preparing ourselves for some workshops for our kids once the lockdown gets over, such as Poetry Workshop, to be conducted by the volunteers of Loreto Sealdah. So, the primary objective is to plunge into the kid’s world with a new language and bring out something more concrete.

Speak Out has arranged for this workshop as part of fundraising for segments affected by the corona pandemic.