Bhumi | Industrial Visit to UCAL Fuel systems
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Industrial Visit to UCAL Fuel systems

Industrial Visit to UCAL Fuel systems

It was a Saturday morning and the students from Ramakrishna Mission were getting ready for an industrial visit. There was excitement among the kids as this was going to be their first exposure to an industry. After bidding goodbye to their headmaster 38 children, accompanied by few teachers and Bhumians, headed out to UCAL Fuel Systems.

A staff member welcomed us to the training centre at UCAL. After a short briefing, we proceeded to the manufacturing sector. The noisy machines, busy workers, the smell and the whole environment there gave them an insight into the industry. They showed a remarkably keen interest in knowing everything that was happening in the factory. The workers were more than happy to see the kids and they patiently explained to the kids how everything worked.

Speaking on behalf of all the workers, one of them remarked that the enthusiasm of the kids made them happy to explain the concepts behind the working of the machines they operate and the products they manufacture. He pointed out that most industrial visitors were college students and not many of them were as curious as these children.

We then reassembled at the training hall where a presenter gave us a detailed understanding of everything we had seen during the tour. They manufacture a part of the engine system called the ‘Carburetor’. They were also informed of the job opportunities available in the industry. They were told that, to work as a machine operator in this industry, one must meet the basic qualification i.e., 10th pass, ITI. In order to work as an officer/technician/engineer, one must have studied a polytechnic course, such as DME (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering).They would be allowed to pursue their bachelor degree in engineering if required, by adjusting the work hours (part – time).

This was followed by an interactive discussion, responding to a question posed by one of the kids on what qualities a man must have to work in an industry, the HR executive said that self – discipline will do wonders, also effective problem solving, attitude and adaptability play a significant role in the life of successful engineers in any industry.

During a briefing on the qualities expected of an industry staff, the kids were told that being organized and conducting oneself properly are the key elements.

On our way back, we stopped our van near the airport for a moment to watch an airplane take off. We reached the home around 12.30 PM. The kids waved goodbye to us and ran in to have lunch. 🙂

–          Mohamed Peer


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