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Let’s keep cycling

Let’s keep cycling

Learning cycles are aimed at the self-development of volunteers. So for all those who keep asking- “What’s in it for me?!!” the Dronacharya & Ekalavya programme gives you this wonderful platform to present your strengths and weaknesses to a crowd. Simply put, it is a stage where volunteers give presentations on various topics related to life skills.

The topic for our first learning cycle was “Effective Communication Skills”. Needless to say, the teams came up with interesting presentations. The second cycle was on “Art of persuasion”. On this, one team spoke about “Transactional Analysis”. Another team spoke about “Conversational hypnosis” (Crazy jargons conceived by crazier PhD fellows) One of the teams even did a role play based on it. In between the two learning cycles we had one week where a Parliamentary style debate was held on the topic “Should we as Citizens depend on the government to bring about a societal change?” Fortunately we did not have chairs and mikes to throw around. So it remained just a war of words (No “unparliamentary” words of course!!) 😛

Having been through three learning cycles, I can confidently say that it is a great platform for every volunteer to shed their inhibitions and start talking in front of a gathering. For all those who feel they are already good speakers, it is an opportunity to share good ideas. We all know learning is a continuous (maybe cyclical) process. So let’s keep cycling and keep our minds healthy.

Yeshwant Bhargav

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