Bhumi | Michelle Obama goes MAD! Visits the Make a Difference programme in Mumbai
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Michelle Obama goes MAD! Visits the Make a Difference programme in Mumbai

Michelle Obama goes MAD! Visits the Make a Difference programme in Mumbai

As part of her global initiative to promote youth engagement, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama during her just concluded visit to India visited the Make a Difference programme in Mumbai.

On Nov 6, Mrs. Obama participated in The MAD Camp event with 30 underprivileged children, ages 10 to 13, from five children’s homes across the city. She also met with a handful of MAD volunteers who work with these children to help them realise their potential.

At the MAD Camp, participating children engaged in activities designed to help them become better leaders and communicators, as well as activities like drum circles to help them become more sensitive to their impact on those around them. The activities became even more meaningful when the First Lady joined them at the end of the programme. She also spoke to the children about the importance of an education. “I didn’t grow up with a lot of money,” Mrs. Obama said, “I never imagined being the First Lady of the United States. But because I had an education, when the time came to do this, I was ready.”

(L-R) Jithin Nedumala, founder – MAD, Ms. Michelle Obama – First Lady of the USA, with a MAD volunteer and the children

In her speech to the students at St Xavier’s college, Mumbai on Nov 7 Michelle Obama spoke about the power of today’s youth. She appreciated the work done by Make a Difference and said, “You’re here today because, like me and my husband, you believe in your dreams and you’re working hard every single day to fulfill them… the truth is pretty soon the responsibilities for building our future will fall to all of you…And I believe that you and your peers around the world are more than up to the challenge, because I’ve seen it firsthand right here in India.

Just yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to visit an organisation called Make a Difference. It’s an amazing program designed and run by young adults who recruit other young people, outstanding college students like themselves, to mentor and teach children who, as the founder said, haven’t had the same chances in life as many of the mentors have had.

These young volunteers understand and believe in something very simple, that all children, regardless of their circumstances, deserve the same chance to get educated and to build productive and successful lives…

And let me tell you, this work is amazing, and it is vitally important. And that is why, as First Lady, I have tried my best to engage young people not just in the United States but around the world, letting them know that we believe in them, but more importantly, that we need them. We need you. We need you to help solve the great challenges of our time.”

Bhumi congratulates MAD and its team and is extremely proud to be associated with an organisation of so much potential and energy.

Read and watch the complete coverage of the event across media networks on the MAD Blog.


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