Bhumi | Overview of Eco-Champs
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Overview of Eco-Champs



Program Overview:

Eco-champs is an initiative by Bhumi to encourage children to follow certain principles to enable and institute eco-friendly habits. This has been started with an aim to protect and preserve our environment which has been facing the wrath of pollution. Eco-champs program will have a series of events organized across different schools in Chennai to educate children about various environment conservation techniques such as composting, waste segregation and so on.


How and When?


  • School Registrations will be open from June 5th till June 25th.
  • Bhumi will help launch Eco-Champs event in July through volunteers
  • The Launch event will include a small introduction about the programme, activities and composting workshop and launch of Bhumi Eco Club in respective schools.
  • Bhumi Eco-Club in schools will comprise a teacher-mentor and a class-wise representative to track ,monitor and encourage the progress.
  • Bhumi Volunteers will engage students from class 6-9 once/twice in a month and train them in their respective schools on the activities listed below.
  • All teacher mentors will be working together on monitoring the progress and updating about the activities through whatsapp group/group mail id with our volunteer support.
  • Student representatives will be the ones who encourage other students to actively participate


Season 1  : Proposed activities

  • Think N Throw
  • Simple Composting
  • Green Gallery
  • Champs Go Campaign
  • Waste Fest
  • Workshops like Paper bag making, bio-enzyme preparation, seedball making


Involving Class : 6-9 only


Number of schools : 50 in Chennai South – Region


Area: Chennai South – Region



Short notes on proposed activities


Think N Throw

Students will start practicing waste segregation right inside the classroom.Every section will be give 2 bins and posters.


Resources from Bhumi:

  • Two bins (1 red and 1 green) would be provided to every classroom from 6-9
  • Segregation guidelines posters that needs to be put up inside every classroom



Children will understand and learn simple composting methods to convert biodegradable(vegetable peels,fruit peels) waste into manure.


Resource from Bhumi :

  • Every school will receive 20 pots to learn and practise composting
  • Accelerators like Panchagavya will be given to every school to start with.


Please note :

  • Dry leaves generated in school avenue can be collected and used /aid composting process.
  • Please avoid food waste(veg/non-veg) to add these pots.
  • Cover the pots with newspaper always.


Green Gallery

Green Gallery enables children to play around with elements of nature – soil, water, sunlight, rain and the seeds. Green Gallery gives children the opportunity to make their own miniature garden, embarking upon a journey to develop an emotional connection to our environment.


Resource from Bhumi :

  • Every school will be given 30 pots to raise a small garden
  • 30 (Seeds+Saplings) of vegetables and medicinal plants will be given
  • 100 kgs of soil will be given to start the garden


Please note :

  • The schools can make use of their existing space to raise a garden
  • Can add additional plants/veggies at their own cost.


Champs Go Campaign

In short, Champs Go Campaign will be an effort put by students, Bhumi volunteers campaigning for garbage segregation at houses surrounding the locality of their school and home. Students will be accompanied by Bhumi volunteers to reach out the communities campaigning for waste segregation and collection of recyclable waste.

The collected waste will be handed over to an organisation that can recycle and prevent garbage reaching the landfills.


Resource from Bhumi :

  • Campaign Content
  • Volunteers
  • Collection bags
  • Gloves


Waste Fest

Students will be asked to make use of the recyclable waste to make something useful or build an awareness monster like  structure , recycling used single use plastics and thermocol. Schools should exhibit their work in October and their work will be evaluated by Bhumi volunteers on a select date.

Please note:

  • Students need to use waste generated from their home/school and are requested not to buy again for this project.Buying new project items will fail the purpose of the event .


Activity Calendar:

Month:                                        Activity

  1. July                                         Launch+Composting
  2. August                                    Think N Throw
  3. September                              Green Gallery
  4. October                                   Champs go campaign and waste fest
  5. November                               Closing and award ceremony

For more queries and clarifications, mail us at [email protected]