Bhumi | Seed Ball - a Green Movement
The Seed Ball programme focuses on increasing green cover across India. Volunteer to make balls of seeds that are both fun to throw and an easy way to grow native trees.
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Seed Balls

About This Project

Are you bothered by environmental issues around you? Are you willing to be part of a mega campaign towards it?

Among the many initiatives possible to improve green cover, making and dispersing seed balls – marble-sized ball made of clay, earth, and seeds – is an easy, quick and cost-effective method to reclaim the lost green cover of our environment. Seed ball is a marble-sized ball made of clay, earth, and seeds is an easy, effective way of increasing the green cover in any region with minimal maintenance.

#1000LeadersForGreenerIndia Campaign

This March, Bhumi is driving a massive national campaign to identify 1000 leaders who will lead and setup seedball making event(s) to get their peers, friends and/or community to volunteer for Greener India. Are you one of the 1000 environmentally conscious leaders India is looking for? Register your event and we will reach out to support you.

How will Bhumi support you to lead this campaign?

– Technical know-how on setting up a seed ball making event – materials (what, how much and from where), process, on-the-day instructions to volunteers
– If the event will mobilise more than 50 volunteers, event is properly documented and is meeting guidelines, Bhumi will also reimburse the cost incurred.
– Promotional support in terms of resources, designs and volunteer mobilising best practices available here

The page above will have most of the information and materials you will need to know about the campaign and how to lead setting up of a seedball making event. Our team will also reach out to you once you register your event here.

Event details:

– There is no restriction on where the event is happening and number of volunteers being mobilised. We have seen leaders mobilise between 10 and 1000 volunteers for their events.
– You can set this up in your college or corporate campus mobilising your peers/colleagues, you can set this up in your apartment mobilising your friends/neighbours or you can set this up in a public place and mobilise common public

Next steps to be part of #1000LeadersForGreenerIndia:

Go through the support documents here and decide on event specifics – where, who will be volunteering and date.
(Mandatory) Step 1: Register your event here.
Step 2: Our team will reach out through mail or call to support you and clarify queries
Step 3: Setup the event successfully
(Mandatory) Step 4: Post event, document the event, impact and details in the tracker
Step 5: If and only if your event meets our guidelines for reimbursement, the process would be initiated.

In case of any query, reach out to us via [email protected]