Bhumi | Pride, No Prejudice
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Pride, No Prejudice

We believe there are many untold compelling stories within the beautiful LGBTQ community, and we want to give them a voice. Pride, No Prejudice is a platform for you to express yourself in any form you choose.  You could pour your heart out in words, compose a harmony to share your emotions, paint, dance or send us a video.  In case you wish to remain anonymous we respect that too (skip name, phone number and email field in the form).


We are celebrating the pride month with you and believe that “The beauty of standing up for your rights is – others see you standing and stand up as well”. Your stories will inspire, motivate and help many others who are struggling right now. Together we can build an inclusive society where all have the right to be and love whoever they want. Let love prevail!

We will share your stories on our Instagram handle to reach a far & wide audience. All the stories will highlighted on Facebook and Instagram

For any further communication, feel free to contact:

Manav Gupta- 8600722252