Bhumi | Dr.P.V.Rao School Ice breaker 2009
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Dr.P.V.Rao School Ice breaker 2009

Dr.P.V.Rao School Ice breaker 2009

oh, they all lined up like the good ones, peering into books, finger on the lips, seated in silence. to them, some known faces and some new ones (like me) entered the hall. a soft introduction of the volunteers followed. and then we had the kids introduce themselves. then it was truly time to unleash the vaals of pvr. i haven’t been kalaaichified so much since so long! while it was hilarious at some point, other times it was like a crash course on class control. raise of the voice, stare in the eye, bullying them to silence, and off they would go again in a matter of minutes. and they all wanted apples! blaming each other passionately for losing out in the marbles game two groups were at one end, while the remaining two groups cheered on in a joyous chorus at the other end at their victory. their cheers shook the roof down and brought the warden up – silence instantaneously. few shrewd ones tried to extract the golis for future use even!

give them some creative space, and i was left astounded. i have been making the same kind of boats since i was 5, and the variety and craft on display here was nothing short of amazing. while some went for artsy creations, others went for numbers making mountains out of boats! raja raniboat, katthi kappal, flying boats all on display here. now i have one confession to make here. remember the fanatic ruckus that happened at the ending, where there was massive chaos with kids jumping all over each other – well, one bugger just wouldn’t stop making the boats how much ever i asked him to, so i said, your group wins. and then one thing led to another you see.

but on a more serious note now – it did take me back to my school days. and personally for me, i did have this much fun when i was in school, and it was day in day out, for nearly 14 years! while they behave as any other kids would while in class, maybe they have more fun even, but they deserve every moment of it. we have the semma vaal and semma chamatthu both endearing in equal measure. but putting it into context here, we’re probably giving them that little better chance at choice and freedom and i did truly feel proud of us. i welcome myself to bhumi.

philosophy over now – we capped off the day singing happy birthday to bhaskar who obtained blessings from baba benji and got the privilege of getting in a photo with me and my photogenic pose. and after all this fun, namba centre head is there no… Priyanka made all of us stand for an hour and semmayaa blade pottufied. all in good spirits paa…

what a day!

Bhargav C

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