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Saarang Eunoia is back!

Saarang Eunoia is back!

IIT’s Saarang has always prided itself in being more than a cultural fest and a musical extravaganza. “For it is  giving that we receive”, was the notion that saw the beginning of Saarang Eunoia- the umbrella term for its social outreach programmes. Two years since its inception, Saarang Eunoia has transformed to being a very integral part of the fest.The initiative continues to elicit heartwarming responses from the students in the campus. Enthusiastic Volunteers from different academic branches and varied interests come together tospend time teaching children different things.

Eunoia is back this year and with ambitious plans. This year Saarang has partnered with Bhumi, Teach for India, MAD at the moment for a flurry of socially engaging activities to look forward to.

The first leg of sessions of the Building Dreams project saw enthusiastic volunteers ready to take the fest to children from less privileged backgrounds. The last weekend, (9th and 10th November), Eunoia organized three workshops- fine arts, dramatics and western music- through Bhumi.


Volunteers with different spheres of interests come together to tea ch these children music, fine arts, dance – activities that would help build up all round development and hence, inspire them to lead a more fulfilling life. Usually, there is so much more focus on education that the seemingly less important extra-curricular activities are left out of their learning. But these are bright kids with amazing potential, as demonstrated by these workshops. Merrin Abraham, who volunteered on behalf of Saarang, talks about her trip to the NGO. She says-“It was one of the best decisions of my life till date. The language barrier didn’t matter because the children were that enthusiastic to learn. They sat in neat rows and listened to us speaking with rapt attention. When we started singing their favorite songs, they sang along at the top their voices. Their readiness coupled with our interest made the day worthwhile. Each of us would carry back an unforgettable memory.”


Saarang Eunoia has an exhaustive series of sessions and events lined up as Saarang draws nearer. And there seems little doubt that this time too, Saarang Eunoia will accomplish what it has set out to do- to touch people’s lives and change them. It promises life changing experiences for both the students and everybody else involved. Heaven can wait indeed.

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