Bhumi | Shining Stars at Nakshatra 2012 – Trichy
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Shining Stars at Nakshatra 2012 – Trichy

Shining Stars at Nakshatra 2012 – Trichy

Every Bhumian holds Nakshatra very close to his heart, but there are a few who shine brighter than the stars above us. We take immense joy in recognising the Shining Stars at Nakshatra 2012, Trichy.

When many homes were hesitant to participate, he took a lot of care and patience in convincing the authorities on what the children would gain from participating in Nakshatra. He also visited many in person, irrespective of the locations, to collect the lists of participants and ensure everyone adhered to the rules. Mayuran for his contribution to the Liaison Team at Nakshatra 2012.

She floored her team members with her patience and had every situation under control. Her communication skills within the team and the way of documenting data deserve special mention. Varsha Bhargavi for excellence as an overall event coordinator at Nakshatra 2012.

She’s one of those volunteers who contributed to multiple teams. Apart from coordinating events, she also helped with purchasing the materials required, and filled in whenever and wherever required.  Harini Narayanan for being a perfect team player and dedicating ample time for Nakshatra 2012.

When there was an unexpected shortage of food on D-day, they made arrangements to procure breakfast and lunch from nearby restaurants, using their personal contacts in the city. Yogesh & Nirmal Raj for their willingness to go an extra mile to give children a memorable experience at Nakshatra 2012.

Her contribution to the Liaison team was critical as she instilled faith and encouraged many homes for girls to participate in Nakshatra. She personally went down to collect the name lists, clarify their doubts, and documented data meticulously. She also effectively managed the help desk on D-day. Archana Zita for her contribution to the Liaison Team at Nakshatra 2012.

From someone who was hesitant to take up the responsibility to someone who wouldn’t mind working for long hours, venue Management wouldn’t have been perfect, if not for his contribution. From procuring materials, maintaining the inventory, and ensuring smooth operations of the team, he was everywhere! Nirmal Natesh for delivering his best at Nakshatra 2012.

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