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Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Storytelling for expression and language building

Storytelling for expression and language building

Is it possible to develop communication through storytelling?

Yes, says Ms. Lalitha Thilak, a volunteer at Bhumi. 

A language is a tool that we use to shape our thoughts and feelings and storytelling is a technique that helps us explore language deeper. Through bi-weekly storytelling sessions at one of our schools, Lalitha works actively in helping class 9 and 10 children construct a story including the theme, its characters, and scenes. They then reconstruct the story in English using simple vocabulary. This immersive process of creating and rebuilding helps children approach and learn the language in a fun way!

“At this stage, I don’t worry about the child’s spelling or grammar because I believe that there must be freedom to make mistakes while learning. Reflecting back will eventually help them perform better in the future. 

My key takeaway from these sessions is that each child has her own special story and as facilitators, it is our foremost duty to bring these stories to the forefront.” 

Young learners carry an exceptional assortment of personal experiences that they want to share with the world. Storytelling provides a window to these thoughts & experiences, in turn, fine-tuning their language learning Contributor: Gnanapushpam, Changedriver

Bhumi’s School Transformation Programme supports low-income schools on their journey to becoming exemplary schools in their communities. Currently ongoing in 15 schools across Chennai, and supported by corporates like Qualcomm, FLEX, SEW Eurodrive, and Greenergy, the programme also focuses on building the capacities of the teachers for improved content delivery.

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