Bhumi | Computer Quest 2011 – The Digital Battle Royale!
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Computer Quest 2011 – The Digital Battle Royale!

Computer Quest 2011 – The Digital Battle Royale!

The day started at 6.00 AM on a bright Sunday for a group of crazy young volunteers who wanted to make a difference. Oh YEAH!! It was D-day!  A group of volunteers gathered outside Tidel Park at around 7.00 AM ready to be crammed inside a mini-van, set to make a journey to the CORD (Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development) Centre at Thamaraipakkam, situated 52 km away from Chennai. Meanwhile, volunteers from other parts of the city made their start too. Now, what was this all about?  Was it some competition for college grads or software techies?? NO. It was the finals of Computer Quest 2011 for the children who had won the intra centre preliminaries – the ultimate showdown on MS Word, MS Paint and MS Power point. Finally everyone arrived at the calm and serene CORD, located in a verdant countryside free of Chennai’s noise and pollution.

After breakfast, all the volunteers got busy making arrangements with a single minded motive to make it an eventful and memorable day for the children.  Ayannar drew everyone’s attention by announcing the day’s agenda. The kids were divided into groups – some made their way to comp-labs, while others awaited their turn on the computer.

The fun started in the auditorium by around 10.30 AM when the awaiting children were grouped into teams for some team-building games. By 3 o’ clock, all the children had completed their challenges and joined the crowd inside the auditorium to participate in the fun activities like balloon-bursting, ordering of tea-cups, collage making etc. While some kids felt jittery looking forward to the results, the rest were nonchalant basking in the auditorium enjoying the games.

Mr.Kannan, the person in-charge of the CORD centre at Thamaraipakkam and Kalaivani Akka of the NEST foundation were humbly requested to distribute the prizes to the winners. Kumaresan and Balamurugan of PV Rao Children’s Home and Dheena of NEST were declared winners of MS-Paint, MS-Word and MS-PowerPoint respectively. Kanini’s project coordinator Mallieswaran congratulated the students for their active participation which made each one of them winners.  Certificates of participation were distributed to all the children. All the volunteers who had put their heart and soul into making it a memorable day gathered together for a group photo before they made a beeline for the mini-vans. The fun was not over yet, as the indefatigable kids played Dumb Charades & Anthakshari during their journeys back home!

The Winning Power point Presentation of the Finalists

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