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Volunteer Den – Rakesh S.

Volunteer Den – Rakesh S.

Hi Rakesh. Please introduce yourself.

Basically a Chennaiite, but Mumbaikar for the past two years. I work as a sub-sea engineer for an Oil and Gas firm. 

Do you enjoy life in Mumbai? What is your favourite aspect of life in Mumbai?

I do enjoy the ultra fast life of Mumbai. Typically I believe “If you can survive in Mumbai, you can survive in any part of the world.” Night life here is awesome which you will not experience in Chennai, hotels are open till 2 AM, local transport is on 24×7, and trains operate from 4 AM-2 AM. You can call Mumbai the “Shangai of India”.

What is your current role within Bhumi?

I handle Operations along with my team members. Our duties include identifying new centres, communicating with centre management, organising events and conducting orientations. 

What are the plans you have for Bhumi Mumbai in the upcoming academic year?

This year, we are kick-starting regular Kanini and Little Einsteins teaching programmes from May-June. We are also focussing on increasing the number of committed volunteers, and including more centres in the western and central regions of Mumbai. Six centres have been scheduled to start regular functioning this year.

How do you plan to bring in more volunteers to the programme this year?

Through active campaigning in colleges and offices. We are also looking for joint ventures with the CSR units of companies to involve more working professionals. Last, but not the least, our major source of coverage will be through Facebook. 

Tell us about the Nakshatra activities in Mumbai.

We conducted Nakshtra in association with Honeybee Designs. Art competitions like greeting card designs, Natural scenery painting etc. between different age groups of children. The event took place in seven centres in different parts of Mumbai and around 150 children participated with full enthusiasm 🙂

How has life changed since Bhumi?

Life has got a real meaning after I joined Bhumi. Even as I share what I have with the underprivileged children, I sometimes envy these children who are extremely talented, creative and happy at all times. 

Bhumi has helped me meet different kinds of people and make many new friends. I didn’t know many people in Mumbai when I came here, but now I have a good friends’ network because of Bhumi. I have also been able to learn the rules for orphanages in the city, and solve problems based on it. I feel motivated and proud that I am doing something for others. 

You message to fellow volunteers.

Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can. Please be committed to the task you do; unless you are committed, there are only promises and hopes but no plans.

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