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Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Volunteer Den – Robin

Volunteer Den – Robin

1401 RobinWhen did you join Bhumi and why?

I was initially an NSS volunteer as a project leader. Though was a part of the NATIONAL SOCIAL SCHEME, was not that much satisfied. One fine day, there came a group that brought in enthusiasm into me. They invited me for the orientation in our college and finally, when we visited, I found a platform, for real, NATIONAL service scheme to complete the circle.

Tell us about your project and the center you volunteer

In my first year, I was mapped to HOPE Home as a Little Einstein volunteer. As an NSS volunteer, I used to meet many people, but here, got an opportunity to meet the same set of kids again and again. I saw a personality in them which I really admired – A Gandhi, A Subash Chandrabose etc. And finally, started to see An Einstein in them. I was able to perform magic with that kit! I was seen as a magician by those kids, as I was given that opportunity to get that typical tough Maths into the kids life as simple as that of a game. Later, having enjoyed such an experience, I was nominated as the City Coordinator for Little Einstein. Now, my family of Little Einsteins is even bigger – from 1 to 3 centres and now, it is 5

What are initial challenges you faced as a volunteer and how did you overcome them?
Studies on holidays was the first challenge I faced. Initially as a volunteer, I thought of giving them that education which no other child could have got. But, it was only later I understood that giving them knowledge was more important! Moreover my friends, were always a part of my team, so I never had volunteer crisis

Life before and after Bhumi

Satisfaction and importance of live. Before Bhumi I always felt far from the earth, and only now, I understand, the importance of life, only now, I have made my life worth to live… … now, I can proudly declare, I am living and not merely existin

Any specific, special moment with the kids you would like to share?

Every moment with these kids are special. However, I would like to share one such outstanding moment. After a long tiresome day at a centre, while the session was going on, a small kid ran up to me and asked “Ungala naa anna nu kupidalama ???” (Can I address you ‘brother?’) I replied,”Enna venumnalum kupidu da.. ” (Address me anything you like) And he said, “Ennaku anna illa,… ungala paatha, anna nu kupidanum pola thonuthu” (I do not have a brother and I feel like calling you a brother) Two tear drops rolled down my cheeks with no control! He then hugged me tight! 🙂

What do you do apart from Bhumi?

I am a final year English student besides being an active NSS volunteer in college. And whenever I get free time from volunteering, I’d love to play.

Message to fellow volunteers

Knowledge is the only result of Love. I would like to convey to my fellow volunteers that – LOVE always can make anything happen. LOVE the Children, because, they are the Children of God.

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