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Volunteer Den: Sonal Kumar

Volunteer Den: Sonal Kumar

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi, I am Sonal Kumar, located in Noida (Uttar Pradesh) and I am working as a Senior Software Engineer here. I have a total work experience of six years. I am from Ranchi (Jharkhand) and did my schooling from there as well. Later I  moved to Bhubaneswar (Odisha) to do my Engineering. I moved to Bangalore and I was working with L&T Technology services for almost 5years, then I switched to Noida and currently working in Landis Gyr Limited.  I have been  Volunteering with Bhumi since 2015. I started my Journey with Bhumi in Bangalore and then I am continuing the same in Noida.

About your work profile in Bhumi

When I joined Bhumi I always wanted to teach, so I joined Ignite project and I was one of the centre coordinators of the English project.

During my volunteering journey, I was closely associated with our inter-orphanage talent fest Nakshatra. I have been a part of 9 Nakshatras in Bangalore. It is one of my most cherished volunteering experiences. I learned many leadership lessons while being a part of this event. 

What did Bhumi teach you? What is the one thing that Bhumi taught you in life?

I owe it to Bhumi, for my transformation from an introvert, shy person to an outgoing proactive leader. As you transition from introvert to extrovert, you get more comfortable with speaking in public. Meeting new people in Bhumi with a shared purpose to change the world, helped me overcome all my public speaking fears. And now voila! I am a changed person ready to take on any challenges. 

Any memorable experience in Bhumi?

I have this distinct memory of a girl who was in her class 12 in 2018 Nakshatra. She came to me and emphatically mentioned “Anna’ I won’t be able to participate next year can you do something?

 In 2019 in Nakshatra special she participated in Nakshatra but not as a participant, She came as a Bhumi Volunteer. That moment, that day froze in my mind as one of my most special memories.

When you see your dreams, the vision of your volunteering coming to life, it’s beyond words! 

Any achievements / remarkable footprints in your life?

 Yes, I have received a lot of Appreciation and Recognition in Bhumi but I don’t count them as achievements.

My real achievement is the joy that I derive every time I volunteer. My real recognition is when a child addresses me as Anna and looks up to me as a source of inspiration. My real appreciation is that girl whom I saw transforming from a Bhumi beneficiary to a Bhumi Volunteer. 

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us? / Any shoutout for your friends or fellow volunteers?

I just want to give a shoutout to all my Bangalore Bhumi Volunteers,  they’re just remarkable! A special mention to Vignesh Kumar who was an amazing planner during my Nakshatra Days! 

 How did volunteering with Bhumi Happen?

Even during my engineering days,I used to volunteer to teach children in slums with a social group called Jago. When in Bangalore, I was free for the early part of my career & was looking online for similar volunteering opportunities. That’s when I chanced upon Bhumi and registered. Very soon I got an invite for the orientation, obviously, I grabbed the opportunity and in no time I was a Bhumi Volunteer. 

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