Bhumi | Volunteer Den: Swati Chamaria
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Volunteer Den: Swati Chamaria

Volunteer Den: Swati Chamaria

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi, I am Swati Chamaria, born and brought up in Kolkata (West Bengal). I am currently in my second-year, pursuing Hotel Management. My hobbies include cooking and volunteering for NGO work.

About your work profile in Bhumi

I joined Bhumi in 2019 and immediately started enjoying what I was doing. Seeing this and how punctual I was with the task given to me, our coordinator approached me with an offer that whether I am interested in leading the project. This was a great offer which I immediately took and joined. I am currently a ‘Think Green Catalyse’ Coordinator for the Kolkata team. I have enjoyed my journey so far and am in love with what I am doing.

What did Bhumi teach you? What is the one thing that Bhumi taught you in life?

The one thing that I have learned is communication as I was a big-time introvert. After joining Bhumi, I have started interacting with people and realised there is so much to learn from other volunteers and your own coordinators who guide you and support you so much. This experience is not only in terms of volunteering but also for other aspects of life as well and I have made some amazing friends. They have become more than co-volunteers for me.

I have opened up as a person now after interacting and meeting so many new people and creating awareness among them about our project.

Any memorable experience in Bhumi?

Everything has been very interesting and memorable with Bhumi. One particularly memorable experience was my very first event which I coordinated. It went very well and became a success with over 100 volunteers attending that event.

Any achievements / remarkable footprints in your life?

I am currently leading the ‘Think Green’ project in Kolkata. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is how to work as a team during this Covid pandemic times.

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us? / Any shoutout for your friends or fellow volunteers?

This moment is not with the kids but it is special for me. Last year, we visited old age homes where all the senior citizens were very friendly and nice. They were very emotional about us visiting them and it was a very overwhelming experience for me too as I am a very emotional person. So, that was a very memorable day for me. Volunteering is something I feel everyone should try once in their life apart from what we are doing on regular basis. It gives us so much satisfaction, joy, and a new perspective about life. I would like to give a shoutout to Shivani, Ashish, and Sidharth; they are really supportive and have become like a family to me.

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen? 

After our Graduation, I got to know from the social media status of one of my friends from the college that she was volunteering with Bhumi. After that, I joined the orientation. Initially, I started with Nakshatra and was not a volunteer of Bhumi. However, after two months I joined the orientation for Kolkata as I loved the experience so much.

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