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We are Back!!!

We are Back!!!

13 Heads,26 legs,260 fingers..if u guys wonder that im talking about some goblins in the forth coming Harry Potter Movie then you got it wrong by just a light year..Well im talking about the volunteers from PVR School RA Puram..Yes we are back with a bang last Sunday for the Ice Breaker Session with much greater number as well as vigor.It was so refreshing to see the children faces after a looong time especially for me,who having missed the classes as well as the children due to some unfortunate work assignments..yet the kids were still were able to recognize me.

Looking back..i still remember the time when i was lying back in my couch so frustrated with life n GOD..then one fine day probably GOD overheard me and sent his beautiful little messenger Mini..who shared the lightning of my life “Bhumi”..through which i happened to meet these wonderful little children who really made a difference in my life..Yes it was then i realized that life is too wonderful to be spent worrying and there are greater things to return to the world what GOD has provided us and deprived of from these unfortunate children.I really take pride in joining hands with the young n vibrant team of Bhumi volunteers who struggle so hard in making a difference in each and every kid lives so that they can have a future, much brighter than today.

STOP IT..SILENCE…Ghosshh..wht was that..who broke my Heartbreaking flashback…Oh..Reality Struck!!! Poor Priyanka desperately pleading the kids to stop shouting..who were uncontrollably running and yelling this time..Perplexed volunteers looking stranded not knowing how to control these kids..Well this time the kids have grown much in number as well as stature and we have greater challenges to accomplish. Special Kudos to Priyanka who started explaining the rules from where she left off in the youth hostel last week 🙂 Wonder where does she get the energy from…Dedication at its heights just like her…On the whole it was a memorable opening for both the PVR volunteers as well as children too..

So PVR all set to rock from the coming week.. So other centers beware coz PVR is back!!!

Not the end….

Benjamin Nathan

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