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Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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We designed it, for a change

We designed it, for a change

On August 15, 2011 Bhumi had a blast for its 5th anniversary and so did we, the children. An Anna called Hari had explained to the Akkas and Annas who teach us about a competition- Design For Change! Our Akka came and asked us what all problems we face in our day to day activities and how we could change it. All of us in our class said different things which Akka typed on the computer and sent to DFC. We spoke about many problems – about growing trees in all houses in our area and watering them regularly, about how our fathers drink and abuse us etc.. When we tell our fathers they don’t listen so we planned to make a PowerPoint presentation and show it to all of them. Most of us discussed about our environment. We know that the ozone layer has a hole and that we should reduce pollution, usage of plastic and we should recycle garbage. So we all wanted to stop using plastic and have a vermi-compost in our houses for degradable garbage! So having read so many ideas, you will be wondering what we actually did right??
Here it goes:
We decided to choose one task for each month. Having only one month for DFC finals we decided to choose “Protect the Environment” topic. Latha Akka from Ethiraj College came and taught us how to make paper bags. We decided to make many of these and distribute to shops near us. We realised that the paper bags we make can only carry light weight things so the following week we made stronger bags with the help of Hariharan Anna and went to shops nearby.

We got super response from shop uncles. One shopkeeper even gave us chocolates for our bags. They tried putting heavier things (up to 2kgs) and found that it worked!! Yaay!

Now whenever we or our parents go they give us items in our bags and we have also got more orders. Thank you Bhumi!

– Children from Bhumi-Kanini’s Pudiyador centre @ Ramavaram

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